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20 February 1990
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Konan is a rather serious, no-nonsense individual. She is often quiet, listening to those around her speak, occasionally throwing in a comment that will usually sum the conversation up and end it there. She is loyal to those she deems worthy of her loyalty, doing what is asked of her without question.

Despite appearing completely aloof and cold, there is more than that if one is able to get below her surface. Konan can be very understanding and empathic, offering condolence and advice to those brave enough to ask.

Konan does not often go out partying, and even when she is dragged out by someone she tends to be a bit of a wallflower. She does not particularly enjoy crowds or people enough to socialize in such settings. Instead of socializing, she can more likely be found in a corner or at the bar drinking and people watching.

Konan is an introvert as much as someone can be without being agoraphobic. She hardly ever makes friends, barely having any to begin with, and she dates even more rarely. She has even stopped wearing several of her piercings when in public as she felt they drew too much attention. Probably the only time one would ever find Konan wearing all her piercings is when she is working. Konan dates even less than she goes out, which is to say not much at all. She could not tell someone the last time she went on a date or even had any physical interactions with the opposite sex, nor would she care to tell anyone if they bothered to ask.

Hobbies include reading, origami, and spending time with her cat.
When Konan was about three, her parents died in a car crash leaving her orphaned. Despite being a kind and bright young girl, she never got adopted until she was ten. Even then, that didn’t work out. The man who adopted her didn’t keep her for long. By eleven she was back in the orphanage, leaving her feeling betrayed.

Several more years passed, and as those years passed Konan watched child after child be adopted and stay with their families. She began to distance herself from people. Then, at fifteen, she started working under the table as an apprentice in a tattoo parlor. By day she would do clerical work, and at night the owner of the place would help her learn the ins and outs of tattoos and piercings. This is also when she began getting her piercings, the first being a birthday present of sorts from the shop’s owner, who had begun to become about as close to a father figure as Konan would allow herself to have.

Having a natural artistic ability and a steady hand, it wasn’t long before she was finally able to start piercing and tattooing as her job, which paid a great deal more money than the clerical work did. At seventeen she rented herself an old, run down apartment and moved out of the orphanage. Life was hard, but it was never a decision she regretted. She was determined to be self-sufficient, never having to depend on anyone as people had a tendency of not sticking around. She also simply wished to get away from the orphanage. She was, after all, old enough and had a rather steady income. There was no reason for her to stay when she was simply using up room and resources needed by someone else.

Eventually the shop owner retired, and Konan inherited the place. She worked there several more years before deciding she wished to move her life elsewhere. She sold the shop and moved. She took over as manager of a tattoo and piercing parlor in the local red light district. The place ran smoothly, business going well. She also bought herself a cat, finding the company was nice but not grating. Her personal life consisted of little more than shopping for groceries and books, reading, doing origami, and playing with her cat Ryoushi.

When the Uchiha brothers had their disagreement and the red light district split, Konan stayed on the Red side out of personal preference. Itachi was older, more mature, less rash, plus it let her keep her job in the Skin Deep Studios. She has yet to regret that decision.
Name: Konan
Age: 28
Occupation: Manager of Skin Deep Studios
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Blood type: O
Likes: reading, origami, her cat
Dislikes: crowds, people, going out
Eyes: Red
Hair: Slate blue
Personality: anti-social, introverted, quiet, compassionate
Talents/abilities: art, piercing, tattooing, origami
Love Interest: None

Kidnap? Go for it!
Noncon? Sure
Angst? Maybe some.
Attack? Sure.
Kill? No please
Het, yaoi, yuri? Het more than likely, but we'll see.
Rating? Um... any?

Any other notes? Anti-social woman is anti-social!

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